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It is no longer possible to book a photo session at the barn owls and the little owls.

Both the little owls and barn owls can be seen regularly in Hans' farmyard. They have successfully hatched eggs and appeard regularly on the various settlements so that they can be photographed again.
So bookings are possible again in 2024 when little owls or barn owls appear on the setting.
Hans and Cees are very pleased with the results of the past year and look back with a good feeling. From the many photographers who photographed the raising of owl chicks last year, they have received many positive responses.
The settlements have been adjusted during preparations for this year to accommodate many photographers again. They will keep you informed of developments via the website.

Finally, Noctua Nature Hides would like to let you know that also this year they received the necessary support from their sponsors:

Results of photo contest 2023

Hans and Cees chose this photos:
Firts pice: Hannes Bonzheim:

Second price: Leon Potuit:

Third price: Robert Pluimers:

The prizes are made available by MDJ Photography and Support.

Third prize is a rice bag, second prize a ground tripod and first prize is Monopod from Benro.

Information on how to reach us and how to book

Noctua Nature Hides is owned by Hans Menop and Cees Uri and can be reached by emailing Cees: or by filling in the email form on this site or by sending Hans a Whatapp message or calling him on +316-50402701.
After a booking a number of agreements apply:
Cancelling a booking is free of charge until 14 days before the agreed date, after that the following rules apply:
for cancellation within 14 and 7 days you pay 50%, within 7 and 3 days you pay 75% and from 2 days you pay 100% of the agreed costs.
In the hide you are expected to observe certain hide discipline such as: not to leave the cabin, to make as little noise as possible, to take your own waste with you and to leave the cabin only after consultation or according to the agreement made with Hans.
Result made in 2022.
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